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VC-TPP will hold its November meeting on Saturday, 11/19/16, at the Evansville Public Library, Central Branch, in Browning Room B at 2:00 p.m.
We will show the new film from CFACT, Climate Hustle.
"Are they trying to control the climate... or YOU?"
World Net Daily said, "Could be the most important movie of the year."
National Review said it was "Brutal and extremely funny."
Conservative columnist Cal Thomas described it as "tremendous" and Breitbart News declared it was "Dynamite!"
If you want bold facts that completely disarm the climate change hype, this is the source. It exposes it all; very well done and entertaining on top of that.
Here are the details, so you can tell others - particularly parents with children who have been indoctrinated in the government school system with this devious, faux "fear."
"Scorching temperatures. Melting ice caps. Killer hurricanes and tornadoes. The end of civilization as we know it! Are emissions from our cars, factories, and farms causing catastrophic climate change? Or is man-made "global warming" an overheated environmental con job?"
"Climate Hustle answers these questions, and many more. Hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Marc Morano, this ground-breaking film leads viewers on a fact-finding and often hilarious journey through the propaganda-laced world of 'climate change' claims. It exposes the myth of the 97% 'scientific consensus,' debunks hype about temperature and extreme weather, and introduces viewers to key scientists who have reversed their views and converted to skepticism."
The film is not rated, runs 78 minutes and is suitable for children in mid-to-upper grades.
After the film, we can discuss its contents and talk about the election results and what we can expect.
This will be the last VC-TPP meeting for 2016, since we pause for the Christmas and New Year holidays. As usual, this event is free and open to the general public. See you there!

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