AGENDA 21 Information – All you need to know – and then some.

You only need a few great resources for Agenda 21- and they are here below to help save you time and get you started on your enlightenment goals for 2012.

Agenda 21 resource

American Policy Center (several good concise articles to explain what's going on) also be sure to read the article about NGO's)

United Nations (why not go to the source - so much info here and so many links will hurt your brain, What else would you expect from your new government)

and for your additional viewing pleasure

a UN indoctrination - here using The International Labor Organization that it supports enthusiastically.

United Nations Environment Program

As I said before the UN site is fun and interactive and will keep you entertained and comfortably numb for hours.
just make sure you have a plan to exit- maybe someone to pull you out and de-program you. enjoy
This is how they implement the plan, locally....and why you see no reference to the grand plan called Agenda 21 - they are using this stealth way to circumvent the US Constitution. That and using indoctrination tactics and large non government organizations NGO's. So when you see ICLEI that is Agenda 21. But you may not even see that so just look for sustainability and environment Green type of things.
as an example of part of the plan being implemented by Obama; The Whitehouse site in general and all US gov. sites should be on your list to research and follow. You can take this further by going to your state and local governments websites and find wording that mimics wording and plans, and actions of Agenda 21. Remember that people involved may or may not know the word agenda 21. For the conspiracy to work they kept the grand scheme in the background in plain site. It's similar to the slug bug game; don't really pay attention to a particular car until it comes into your awareness.

Please read the following; from the White House Blog

"Today’s event highlights the importance of government, the private sector, non-profit organizations, academia, and the American public coming together to realize the vision set out by President Obama when he called on us to “begin a national campaign to promote cybersecurity awareness and digital literacy from our boardrooms to our classrooms, and to build a digital workforce for the 21st century.”

Again notice the words "the importance of GOVERNMENT
"the importance of government, the private sector, non-profit organizations, academia, and the American public coming together to realize the vision set out by President Obama"
Non profit organizations is a codeword for certain NGO's Non Government organizations. a key component of Agenda 21. the evidence of our government's involvement is everywhere.

It's the greatest assault on the American people in the history of the nation - accomplishing what all the previous wars could not.

Once you have seen all of this information you will not be the same- you will not see the world in the same way. But by giving up your Innocence of knowledge you will see everything from now on in a new an crystal clear way. Like why this is not dominating all news channels including Fox. Everyone is doing business as usual- nothing to see here.

thus OUR agenda - holding up the truth in front of everybody until they look and understand.

White House Council on Women and Girls

Ok now go to

Any time Obama or his people or Moon (United Nations leader) speaks you must see that ALL that they do ESPECIALLY during this period of implementation is related to how it fits with Agenda 21. It ALL relates.
In this case they need women policies to eventually plan against population issues as it relates to sustainability. Only so many kids allowed!!! Think China, and the fact that the director of environment issues / sustainability Agenda 21 – is from China and worked in the Communist Chinese government.
For example Women and Girls search on the UN site returned this. And many others;
To look at this issue in Agenda 21 go here

you can review other areas of Agenda 21 as well.

For example:

10 year Framework of Programs

You Tube videos

I could go on for hundreds if not thousands of pages, but this information will get you well on your way to understanding of Agenda 21 and it’s global implementation plan..

Please copy in entirety and pass this information around far and wide but please also include the following source

Please join in this great fight for liberty
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